Garden Exteriors: Tips and Design Ideas For Your Flat Rooftop Garden

Owning a modern home with a flat rooftop instead of the usual slopping, shingled roofs can be a blessing. With the world turning to in-home, organic farming for certain fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you can now easily design your rooftop garden with the help of precautions like installing height safety rails Melbourne shops sell.

The following tips will help you get your dream garden set up, without having to take up any front or back yard space, especially if you have a restricted amount of space to work with.

Use The Open Space

If you are working with a limited amount of space on your rooftop, keep your lines clean and open. Even if you need to install height safety rails in Melbourne, make sure you do not lose the integrity of the space you have to work with. Avoid placing bulky lawn or deck furniture on your roof, screen doors which may make space look smaller, or pile up too many garden gnomes, cement snails or other lawn décor items. Keep your rooftop space as uncluttered as possible. In case you want to cover your rooftop with Melbourne height safety rails, you can consider growing hedge vegetation or creepers to make the borders look more aesthetic. Checkout at Speedsafe


Since the rooftop is the highest point of your house, you need to safeguard yourself, family and friends, while still enjoying the extra outdoor space it has to offer. By installing things like slip proof mats and hiring height safety rails Melbourne local shops install, you can ensure that visitors of all ages will feel safe on your rooftop garden. Since you may live on a busy street or have pedestrians walking by, make sure you have installed height safety rails Melbourne shop sell as they are secured. In case you are hanging plants off them, make sure the planter can handle the soil’s weight. Try and keep your rooftop as dry as possible with correct rain guard systems in place or draining channels on all sides.

Choosing Plants Wisely

Even if you feel you have a large enough space to grow a variety of different plants, start slow and steady. If you’re thinking about growing fruits and veggies you and your family can enjoy and cook at home, then tomatoes and strawberries are a great place to start. If you only want flowers on your rooftop garden, make a plan as to where your designated pots or wooden planters will go. Sometimes they get so heavy after putting soil that moving them around may be hazardous for your back. If you have children or pets avoid cacti in case they may get injured. Also, since your plants may need shade or different amount of watering instructions, make sure your roof is equipped with a faucet, pipe, and soil draining channels to keep your garden looking neat and pest free.

Adding some portable wicker seating or floor pillows and mats in a Moroccan style setting with the right lighting can make your rooftop garden the best place to hang out over the summer. For the safety of yourself and your guests, you can find height safety rails by visiting sites like

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