Tips on Choosing the Best PVC Compound Manufacturers

Plastic has been used for generations in molding a variety of products. With innovations in the plastics manufacturing processes, new plastics molding processes such as polymer compounding have been introduced that now allow you to achieve the most desired qualities in your plastics products through the use of the fillers and additives. But not all companies apply the same processes and quality standards when it comes to the manufacturer of their plastics products.

With the increased demand for the PVC plastic compounding products, it is now possible to get very reliable plastics products that can be applied in a variety of uses. This is why it is important to identify a respectable company that will help you meet this need. Here are some important tips to put into consideration if you are looking for the best PVC compounding companies in Australia:

Do the PVC Compound Manufacturers Understand Your Needs?

If you need a reliable polymer compounding company for your business, you will most likely put out an RFQ for the services or you may choose to approach a few of the leading compounding companies with your RFQs. What you should evaluate is the response of each company on your proposals.

Check if they clearly understand your needs. How detailed is their response? Are they ready to go further and send you some product samples or take you on a tour of their factory? A company that goes the extra length to take you through their products and processes is certainly a dependable one.

Do they understand the desired properties that you need in your compounded plastics?

There are many ways of carrying out the PVC plastic compounding. There are many techniques and many fillers that can be used to achieve desired properties. Due to process innovation in the manufacturing, these are techniques that are constantly changing. Is your manufacturer in tune with these changes in the industry?

Choosing the right manufacturer that clearly understands your properties will ensure a higher survival rate of your plastics over the long term even after the finishing. It also means you are going to the market with a unique product that meets the user demand and gives you a competitive edge in your market niche.

The Professionalism and Reliability of the Company

The professionalism of the company will ensure that nothing goes wrong during the plastics processing and that you can get the tasks performed with fast turnaround times. Does the company have some quality and reliability certifications? Do they have employee development programs? Before proceeding further, it is important to clearly communicate your needs with the polymer manufacturers company.


Material handling

Do the polymer compounding companies understand the materials and process handling techniques that will produce the best quality products? What do the facilities look like? Are they clean and with modern compounding equipment? Contamination is a factor that can seriously degrade the quality and reliability of the PVC compounders products.

Carry out a background check

A routine background check is always a necessity when hiring companies on the big projects. What do the user or customer reviews say about the company’s products? Do they have requisite licenses and certifications?

With these factors, you should be able to choose a reliable company that will most likely meet your polymer compounding needs so that you can build reliable products for the market.  If you need any clarification on the processes used by the company, do not hesitate to ask the plastics compounding company.

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